Pouch Corporate Information

POUCH is a registered trademark of Yelland Properties Inc. who supervises the daily management of POUCH Records Management, Fullerton CA, and POUCH Self Storage facilities; plus Roosevelt Center Office Commercial Project in Carlsbad, CA; Edinger Center Multi-Tenant Industrial property in Santa Ana, CA; all limited partnerships, operated under Management Agreements with Yelland Properties, Inc.

John Yelland’s development experience dates from 1969 when he constructed the first self-storage facility in Phoenix, Arizona. In 1972 he joined Linkletter Properties. As General Partner and General Manager he developed multi-tenant industrial and self-storage facilities. He was responsible for all phases of development from land acquisition, city approvals, through construction and property management. During his seven years with Linkletter Properties nineteen projects, totaling 1.2 million square-feet of rental space were built. Three of them were completed in partnership with Genstar of Canada and two with Bekins Moving and Storage. The success of these projects was unprecedented.

In April of 1979, he formed Yelland Properties to continue these development activities. Land was purchased in three locations for speculation and development. Included in these acquisitions was land for a 60-acre office, industrial park in Dallas, Texas.

In 1980 a Sears distribution building in Long Beach was purchased and converted into a two-story self-storage facility. In 1993 this project was updated and expanded with a $2 million remodel, which included purchasing portions of the Southern Pacific Railroad right of way. This facility now has 850 rental spaces and 39 RV stalls.

Yelland is the managing Partner of Edinger Center, a 55,000 square foot multi-tenant industrial project in Santa Ana that he developed 1978. This project is two blocks from the Santa Ana Auto Mall & 55 freeway.

Roosevelt Center, a 40,000 square foot retail shopping center (next to the US post office in the downtown central business district of Carlsbad) was purchased in 1984. In September 2000, Jazzercize moved their corporate headquarters out of this project after 21 years of occupancy. Roosevelt Center was renovated and redeveloped for a major southern California advertising agency at a cost of $2,500,000.

John is the managing partner of four projects totalling 240,000 sq. ft of rental space, built in joint ventures with the William Lyon Company whose partnership interests were sold to Yelland Investors in 1993.

In February 1986, John purchased the Linkletter interests in 3 self-storage projects that he developed while at Linkletters’. These projects are the Pasadena, San Juan Capistrano, and Fountain Valley Self-Storage comprising of 200,000 sq. ft. of rental space.

In 1988 John joined with the owner of a 48,000 sq. ft. retail building in Norwood, New Jersey to develop that building into a 35,000 sq. ft. self storage facility.

In the late 1980’s Paul Hogan of Crocodile Dundee fame was promoting Australia, the land down under. John was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, moved to the US in 1966, so he found it natural to use the word POUCH in his logo, the kangaroo traveled with its very important cargo baby Joey in it’s pouch so the POUCH logo was born. John returns to Australia annually to keep in touch with his family and friends.

Australia has many place names that are unusual compared to those in the US, these names were used to identify the corridors and drive ways of the storage facilities. You will find names like, Bulloo Downs Drive, Toowoomba Drive, Dingo Corner, Wagga Wagga Lane, Crocodile Island, Mount Ebernezer Road, Out Back Alley, Back of Bourke, Whitsunday Passage, Snowy River Place, to name a few places of interest.

John is a general contractor with the State of California, as been active in the Self-Storage Association since 1975 having held the positions of Director and President of "Region 2". Over the years he has lectured at numerous gatherings of the Self-Storage Association and presented the Self-Storage Association "Boom or Bust" educational seminars. John Yelland was the Director and President of the national Self-Storage Association in 1988, and originated the Self Storage Associations Ski-Workshops, which he ran for 15 years.

Pouch Records Management was established in 1992 to service the storage and records management needs for those businesses in Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Diego Counties.

POUCH Records Management operates out of a new building in Fullerton, currently serving over 400 customers who store more than 230,000 file boxes with over 400,000 individual itemized files.

POUCH Records professional services are more economical and employee efficient which reduces filing errors and lost files. The customized reporting and services go along with retention schedule monitoring. This complete bar coded box and file management system assists with legal compliance requirements of SOX (Sarbanes Oxley).

All this can be provided at a cost far less than self–storage, plus you have online access to your files through the WEB using your private security code. You can even search and request files from your desktop, and have the convenience of daily pick up and delivery including rush deliveries.

Document Scanning with Online Access to your scanned documents is available, plus Daily Automatic Back-Up of your computer data to Secure Online Servers.

To round out these services POUCH provides Recycling and Shredding Consoles for your office allowing you to be FACTA and HIPPA compliant.