Pouch On-Site Shredding

Document Shredding in Southern California | Shredding Services

Pouch offers On-Site Shredding in both Southern California and New Jersey.

Remember POUCH Secure Paper Shredding Services when you need:

  • To safely destroy obsolete records/documents
  • To protect family and business from identity theft
  • To have data DVD's, CD's, floppy disks or recording tape shredded
  • To destroy Documents securely at all Pouch Locations.

Fast and Secure Shredding takes less than one (1) minute per 50 pounds.

Step One: Deposit
I simply deposit my documents in the locked Pouch Shred Bin.

Step Two: On-Site Storage
The locked Pouch Shred Bin is stored in a locked self storage unit, until my documents are shredded.

Step Three: Shredding
The contents of the Pouch Shred Bin are fed into the Moble Shredding Truck right here at the Storage facility. The shredding process is observed on a monitor.

Step Four: Disposal
The Mobile Shredding Truck takes my shredded documents to a paper mill for recycling.

Pouch On-Site Shredding: once I place my documents in the locked Pouch Shred Bin, I can feel comfortable they will be destroyed & disposed of correctly. A "Certificate of Destruction" is issued to each Pouch shredding client.

"Pouch - Making it as Easy as it Should Be"