Pouch Self Storage Payment Plans

Pouch requires the following to Rent a Unit:

  • 1st Months Rent + Set Up Fee
  • One time Set Up fee of $15.00 is charged at the time of rental
  • No security deposit is required
  • Anniversary billing: rental due date is the same as your initial rental date

Pouch can make your Rental Due Date match your Income Date?

  • We will allow you to pro-rate your rent ahead, one-time, should you need to adjust your storage rental due date to better match the date you receive your pay-check

Pouch Addressed Mail-in Envelopes

  • Available in the facility office for your personal check, bank check or money order, ask manager for a supply

Pouch Payments while Traveling

  • Post-dated checks can be left with the facility managers for deposit on your due date, avoid mail problems when you are traveling or out of the country

Pouch Automatic Payments

  • Can be made directly to your Credit or Debit Card

6-Month Pre-Paid Rental Discount

  • Pre-paying 6-months rent in advance, gives you a 6% rental discount

Credit Cards Accepted

credit cards accepted

  • American Express, Master Card & Visa Credit Cards are Welcome

Pay On-Line

  • Using your own private password you can check your account ledger and make payments online.

"Pouch - Making it as Easy as it Should Be"