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Storing Business Records

When storing Business Records in a Non-Professional manner; in your office, home, garage or self-storage unit, you run the risk of violating Government standards requiring you to maintain the integrity of the file and a chain of custody.

Issues to consider when storing files in this manner are as follows:

  • Frequent Delays in finding required files and important information.
  • Lacking control and administration of retention and disposal policies.
  • Improper and inaccurate listing of records and their location.
  • Valuable information and vital records in unsecured locations.
  • Not maintaining a secure chain of custody.
  • Not keeping accurate records of files and documents in duplicate locations.
  • Not meeting regulatory requirement standards with controls for complete records and information management.
  • Wasted staff time spent searching for records.
  • Wasted staff time travelling to records storage locations.
  • Continuing investment required for new filing equipment and systems.
  • Shortage of space to store and manage existing and new files correctly.

Industry Note:
The average cost per information security breach in 2009 was $6.75 million.

Resolving these issues is economical and easy.

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