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"Pouch - Making it as Easy as it Should Be"

POUCH Records Management Delivers:

  • My Documents when I need them
  • Fast, Accurate & Affordable
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POUCH Records Management

POUCH Records Management is HIPAA, FACTA and SOX compliant, serving the counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside & San Diego with compliant records management services. POUCH provides me with on-line access (24/7) to my data base which includes automated record retention schedule management.

My FREE POUCH Retention Schedule automatically advises me when my records are eligible for destruction based on my defined criteria! Wow, how did I ever live without this?

We Move You Free Program: When I move my business records into Pouch Records Management, I receive free pick-up of my initial transfer of office files or business documents into the POUCH Records Storage warehouse: Commercial Records Center.

Fast, Efficient Delivery & Pick Up of my files and business records. POUCH has a G.P.S. Fleet Management System with real time monitoring allowing me to easily track my Office Files and Business Records.

On-Line Access gives me access to my records information 24-hours per day. I can request
services, or have files and records delivered or picked-up through a simple on-line request.

POUCH is there where I need them serving: Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside & San Diego counties.

POUCH Records Management Provides:

  • Bar Coded Box & File Management systems
  • Customize Reporting & Services to meet my needs
  • Online Access to my Files with my own Security Code
  • Search & Request Files from my Desktop - Active or Archived
  • Track Office & Archived Files; SOX compliant
  • Increased Records Security & Full Audit Trail
  • Organized Filing System for Business Records in your office
  • Retention Schedule monitoring
  • Controls my costs - I only pay for what I store.
  • High-speed Scan-On-Demand for my files
  • Daily Pick-Up & Delivery Services
  • Retrieval and Re-file Services for my Business Records
  • Recycling & Shredding; FACTA, HIPAA, SOX Compliant
  • Free Shred or Recycle Consoles in my office
  • Daily Automated Back-Up of my computer data to secure online servers
  • Back-Up Tape Rotation & Storage

POUCH Records Management Delivers:

  •  My Documents when I need them
  •  Fast, Accurate & Affordable
  •  I couldn't manage without POUCH Records

"Pouch - Making it as Easy as it Should Be"

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