• Pouch Self Storage Gate Opener
  • Unit Alarm at Pouch Self Storage
  • Lazer Beam
  • Pouch Self Storage Video Camera
  • Pouch Self Storage Call Box

Pouch Self Storage Access and Security

  • We provide a Clean and Secure space for storage of your Personal or Business goods
  • Pouch Self Storage is an industry leader in design, building and maintenance of Self Storage facilities
  • Although no system is fool-proof we offer an advanced digital security system designed for each facility
  • Monday thru Friday 7am to 7pm
  • Saturday & Sunday 8am to 6pm
  • Closed on Major Holidays, contact facilities for specific details
  • Extended Hours for RV Storage Access @ Rancho Cucamonga Victoria RV Storage.
  • Norwood New Jersey hours vary see site listing for details.
  • Each storage unit door has a transmitter that monitors the opening and closing of all storage unit doors
  • An alarm sounds when a door is opened without the occupant first registering their digital code. (not at Pouch Norwood, N. J.)
  • All storage unit activities, open, close, alarm, etc. are indicated on this monitor which is displayed in each Pouch office
  • All occupants must register in the facility office, entering their secret security code to release their storage units' door alarm
  • The security system monitors the time the occupant accessed the storage facility
  • The time you open and close the storage unit door
  • The time you depart the storage facility
  • Single story drive up facilities feature an electric gate that is opened by the manager once the occupant has registered in the facility office
  • 24-Video surveillance cameras are located in the facility offices and at various locations around the storage facilities, or within the storage buildings, depending on facility design
  • Most of our Single Story facilities with open driveways, feature laser beams that monitor the perimeter driveways through infrared beams
  • Pouch Self Storage does not insure the occupants items which are stored inside rented self storage spaces
  • Pouch rents occupants self-storage-space for the storage of their personal goods
  • Occupants must arrange their own insurance to cover their stored items
  • Pouch offers customer Insurance by partnering with an insurance Agent recommended by the Self Storage Association
  • Pouch makes no representations or warranties as to the coverage provided, terms of insurance coverage can vary significantly

Pouch Self Storage Access and Security

Hours Open 7 Days

Individual Door Alarms

Storage Unit Site Monitor

Controlled Access

CCTV Security

Laser Beam Security


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